Poster Session


How to participate:

  • You need a personal Twitter account.
  • Set your Twitter profile to public for the duration of the poster session.
  • Only tweet your poster once and from your personal Twitter account.
  • Tweet your poster with a title, the hashtags #MOFschool and 2ndMOFschool-Poster and any relevant subject hashtag(s) during the poster session on June 23rd and 24th between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm (Italian time, UTC + 2 hours).
  • Ensure that your poster is available for the whole poster session.
  • Do not delete and repost your poster during the poster session.
  • Discuss and engage throughout the poster session; make sure to answer the questions from the community and the Prize Committee, and comment on other 2ndMOFschool-Posters. We need your contribution to make MOFSchool2021 Poster Contest a great event!
  • Block and report spurious comments on your poster.
  • Win a prize if your 2ndMOFSchool-Poster is deemed best by the Prize Committee or the audience.

Poster design guidelines:

  • Upload your poster as an image. JPEG, PNG and GIF formats are compatible with Twitter. Maximum size 5 MB.
  • Make an image specifically for this event. Recommended image dimensions are of 2:1 aspect ratio for landscape, but you can use standard poster dimensions (A4, A0) as long as the content is legible (suggested font size 16 for A4 and 60 for A0). We recommend testing your poster on Twitter before the conference to make sure you are happy with your image. Check out this blog post for some top tips for making posters with Twitter:
  • Check some other guidelines on using Twitter or on how to improve your poster here.
  • Please be mindful of appropriate permissions while presenting copyright images.

Prizes and judging criteria:

The Prize Committee will review the posters via Twitter during the poster session on June 23rd and 24th between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm (Italian time, UTC + 2 hours). Up to three prizes will be available for the best three posters (two of them chosen by the Prize Committee and one from the audience on the basis of number of likes and retweets). Prizes will be announced during the closing session of MOFschool2021, on June 25th 2021.

The following criteria will be adopted by the Prize Committee:

  • Originality of the research presented
  • Comprehensiveness of the content
  • Comments/Answers to questions
  • Poster Design

One of the prizes is kindly offered by ELDICO SCIENTIFIC AG and consists in the possibility of having a sample measured by electron diffraction by the company.